We get asked lots of questions. We hope this will help.


Do you sell covers?

At the current time..no. We hope to in the future. We do however encourage covering your furniture if you’re not going to use it for a while. Especially if you’re leaving it outside during the winter. Make sure to secure the covers tightly. Furry animals love finding a cozy place out of the cold to hide. And yes, they have been known to nibble on cushions. 


Do the cushions soak up water?

The Sunbrella fabric is water “resistant” not water “repellant”.  It is fabric and the inside of your cushions are foam. So if left outside in long periods of rain or heavy down pours, yes they will eventually absorb water. If this happens, the fastest way to dry them out is to stand the on their sides. The water will drain out of the bottom pretty quickly.


Do you sell replacement cushions?

We’ve heard of dogs chewing the cushions, kids ripping holes and my favorite “it just disappeared”. So yes, we will make every effort to assist you with the purchase of a replacement cushion should you need one.


What if I don’t like it when I get it? Can I return it?

Yes, if you purchase it from one of our retail partners, you will have to return it using their return system. If you purchase it from our website, contact us directly. Returning the product within the first 30 days after purchase is available. If you think you might return the product, we encourage keeping the boxes. Return shipping charges will apply.


Do I have to assemble the furniture?

Very little assembly is required. Mostly just coffee and side tables.  A couple of our sets require you attach the feet but that’s it. We include any tools you may need.


How do the sectional pieces attach to each other?

We include clips which hold the pieces securely together. They attach under the furniture so they are not visible.


Do the cushions come in other colors?

At the current time, no. We will be adding more colors to our collections over time. We add new collections  each year.